We have the resources to translate in the official languages as well as many other language combinations—from the most in demand, such as Spanish and Chinese, to the rarest, like Tamil or Farsi—whether you are looking for technical or creative translation.

Stand out from the competition by working with a team that has the specialized skills and knowledge relevant to your industry. Our translators are experts in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. Through their professional experience in translation or healthcare, they have acquired the high level of scientific understanding and precision that your project calls for.

Through our strict standardized production processes, we maintain top-quality work and consistent standards. Three people work on each document: a specialized translator is in charge of the initial translation, a reviser ensures accuracy and faithfulness, a quality controller runs a final check for linguistic correctness and clarity of the final product.

We are an independent translation service, aiming to provide a customized approach similar to that of an in-house translation service. Each client has dedicated translators who work with state-of-the-art translation tools, including a client-specific translation memory database, to ensure consistency of the messaging.


We are not the only translators on the market, and sometimes we come across clients who have paid for translation work elsewhere and are unsatisfied with the result. Do they really have to translate the whole document again and strain significantly their budget?

Not necessarily. We can revise and correct the existing translation to make sure it is clear and accurate. This comes with a cost but, depending on the quality of the initial translation, it may be less than having it redone—and it will certainly not cost more.


For your reports, articles, press releases, we focus on the essentials whilst paying attention to detail.

Our strong writing and analytical skills allow you to stay in control of your communication. Make sure you hit the mark with general or medical content that is both precise and effective.

If you need to produce documents in different languages, you benefit from preferential rates when you combine our copywriting and translation services.


Are you writing an important letter and have a writing problem that you cannot solve? Call us. We’ll be happy to help.

Are you holding a physician focus group to test an advertising message and need an on-site translator to confirm that it works just as well in another language? We can help; you just need to ask.

These are just two examples where we can help you but there are many more ways you can benefit from our consulting services.


Entrust us with your advisory board or medical conference recordings and take advantage of our value-added transcription services.

Our medical knowledge guarantees an accurate transcription of scientific terms where other providers will write what they think they hear or will leave it to you to fill in the blanks.

If you have to write your report in another language than the one used in the meeting, it usually helps to have the transcription translated, and you will get preferential rates if you combine both services.


Would you trust your studio staff who only speaks English or French to do the graphic design for your latest patient education brochure in Mandarin, Hindi and Tamil?

We suspect not. This is why we have opened, as a complement to our translation services, a multilingual graphic design department that can work with any alphabet. All we need is the original copy to be translated as well as the source files of the original brochure and we will provide ready-to-print brochures in each language.

We can, of course, also handle your projects in the official languages.


Take advantage of our proofreading service and spare yourself reprint costs. Our service includes screening for typos that may be inadvertently inserted by your studio at the typesetting stage and checking for wrong line breaks that may impact the readability of your message.

You can then go to print with peace of mind, and ensure your credibility with your clients, which is priceless, but if the copy was translated here, you will also enjoy preferential rates when combining both services.

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